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Club FEM 
(Females Enslaving Males)


Was started in late 1992 by Head Mistress Dee and slave gene to provide an organization for Women and men with an interest in Female Domination.

Originally, Club FEM activities consisted of socializing, wearing fetish apparel, showing off BDSM (bondage/discipline/sado-masochism) equipment, and taking posed photos. There was very little dungeon play, if any at all. At this time, all correspondence was conducted by “snail mail” and slave gene wrote several articles that were published in magazines. A quarterly newsletter was mailed out to interested individuals. Head Mistress Dee and slave gene attended parties held by other fetish groups in Houston but found that they were mostly male dominant/Female submissive events. However, at these events, they were able to meet other people who were also interested in a strictly Female dominant/male submissive venue and the Club FEM membership began to grow.

Club FEM is a social organization composed of individuals who want to develop sincere Female dominant/male submissive relationships. The Dommes are in charge of the activities at all times; and, Club FEM Dommes are considerate and caring Women who want the D/s experience to be enjoyable for all participants. Club FEM members get to know each other very well and even get together for “vanilla” activities occasionally. The Dommes are friendly and helpful to other Dommes who wish to grow in their fetish knowledge and abilities. Most events are held in the Jackson Mississippi area.  Please feel free to join 

Send a biographical sketch email to the North Mississippi branch of Club FEM at   The biographical sketch should include: past experiences with Female domination (experience is not necessary to become a member), area where you live, your email address in the body of the email, and your philosophy regarding Female domination. 

Looking forward to meeting you,

 Head Mistress Maureen

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